Digital Trust & Cyber Security

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."

Turmoiled new world. Prepare yourself.

Security Advisory - Virtual CISO

Help organizations build internal capability in Cyber security, Cyber Resilience & Incident Response

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Executive engagement and training

Security Strategy, Security Program Design and Management

Long-term cyber security roadmap

Cloud security strategy

Cloud Security

Assess existing cloud security controls and services

Define and extend cloud security controls

Cloud Identity – identity-as-a-service

Cloud compliance

Logging and Monitoring services

AWS Security

Azure and Office365 Deployment and Security

Platform and Application Security

Application Assessment Service

Vulnerability Assessment Service

Penetration Testing Service

DevOps security

Digital Identity

Unified Identity – cloud and hybrid

Identity as a Service (IaaS and IAM)

Strategy and Roadmap

IAM Federation and Integration

External Identities Management

Cyber security Training and Awareness

Social engineering and Phishing testing exercises

Security Assessments for Regulatory Compliance

Help prepare organizations for specific audits and assessments

Align the organization and related artefacts against a selected standard (ex: ISMS)

Risk assessment services – Reduce risks and Maintain Compliance

Support and Assistance

Policies and Procedures

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